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Gov. Pritzker Announces New REV Deal & Breaks Ground on Expanded Facility in Du Quoin

Press Release - Thursday, July 27, 2023

State's REV incentive package supports Prysmian Group's $64 million facility expansion, creating 80 new jobs and retaining 225

DU QUOIN - Governor JB Pritzker, Prysmian Group, and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) today joined local leaders and partners to announce a new Reimagining Energy and Vehicles in Illinois (REV Illinois) agreement and break ground on Prysmian Group's expanded facility in Du Quoin. The expanded Southern Illinois facility will enable the company to increase cable manufacturing for the renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors.

"I'm pleased to share that Prysmian Group is expanding its operations in Southern Illinois by 100,000 square feet, creating 80 new jobs which expands its workforce by more than a third, and strengthening Illinois' fast growing clean energy industry," said Governor JB Pritzker. "Employers are recognizing Southern Illinois' quality workforce, the fact that we sit at the hub of a world-class rail network, and that two-thirds of the country lives within a day's truck drive from the region. What they're learning is that Southern Illinois is the best place to grow their businesses."

"Our administration takes pride in Illinois being a leader in energy and transportation. The expansion of Prysmian Group's facility will not only enable our state to reimagine the future of electric vehicles, but it will also create new high-paying jobs and ensure Illinoisans can have access to a more sustainable future," said Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton. "Through this expansion, we are ensuring that Southern Illinois is a part of the robust and growing clean energy economy, providing economic opportunities not just for the region and the state, but for the families and communities who will benefit from the creation of these new jobs."

Bolstered by a REV Illinois incentive package, Prysmian Group plans to invest $63.8 million and create 80 new high-paying jobs while retaining 225 jobs in Southern Illinois - solidifying its position as one of the largest employers in Perry County. The expansion paves the way for increased renewable cable production in Illinois, adding over 100,000 square feet of new manufacturing space and seven major pieces of equipment, including a two-line expansion for renewable cable production. The expansion will also help modernize the existing infrastructure and implement an Energy Management System within the facility.

"This expansion will produce cutting-edge, high-quality, sustainable products that not only help enhance the grid - by increasing reliability, preventing blackouts and reducing overall maintenance costs," said Andrea Pirondini, CEO of Prysmian Group North America. "Ultimately, we will ensure we have the capacity needed, when it is needed, in order to ensure we can build an electrical grid that's built for the future. As we work to help harden the grid across the U.S., Du Quoin will play a large role in that."

With 150 years of experience, Prysmian Group is supporting the worldwide transition to clean energy by manufacturing thousands of miles of cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, as well as cables in microgrids, energy storage, renewable energy and EVs and EV charging stations - which have different requirements and specifications than traditional cables.

"REV Illinois is already changing the way we do business in Illinois by providing competitive incentive packages to companies that share the State's commitment to building a clean energy economy," said DCEO Director Kristin Richards. "Prysmian Group's groundbreaking represents another positive step forward toward building up the clean energy ecosystem in Southern Illinois by creating jobs and investing in the community."

The facility produces custom CL Advantage medium voltage collection cables, which are used to conserve energy by decreasing the amount of line lost during transmission. The cables are used for wind and solar energy applications and are a key component of underground substation and distribution systems. Prysmian Group's Illinois plant also produces a component part of a number of solar collection systems along with a cable that delivers electricity to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and homes being modernized for energy and grid efficiency.

"Eighty new manufacturing jobs in Perry County means eighty new opportunities for Illinois families," said Sen. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro). "Whether it is a recent graduate looking to jump into the workforce, or a struggling family looking to thrive in a new sector, I know that this is a meaningful investment for Illinois. I'd like to thank Governor Pritzker for working with the General Assembly to incentivize growth in manufacturing which is giving us a reason to celebrate today."

"Prysmian Group is a company that knows Southern Illinois, and they clearly like what they see," said State Rep. David Friess, (R-Red Bud). "The choice they made to expand right here in Du Quoin clearly reflects that we are on the right path when it comes to growing our manufacturing industry in Illinois."

"This is the second time in two months that Southern Illinois is celebrating a major manufacturing announcement. I hope everyone is starting to see the pattern," said State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg).

"Southern Illinois is attracting investment from major manufacturers because of our workforce, our resources, and our strong communities. I look forward to seeing Governor Pritzker continuing to return with more good news."

With competitive incentives through REV Illinois, unmatched infrastructure, and access to markets, as well as an abundant and qualified workforce, Prysmian Group elected to expand their facility in Illinois after considering expansion of their Mexico facility. The comprehensive REV Illinois incentive package encourages forward-thinking manufacturers to invest in renewable energy, while aligning with the state's initiative to increase production and usage of EVs. Prysmian Group was eligible through REV due to manufacturing renewable energy components.

REV Illinois is designed to bolster Illinois manufacturing—already a top destination for electric vehicle manufacturing in the U.S.—and grow the clean energy ecosystem. REV Illinois offers competitive incentives to expand or locate in Illinois for companies that manufacture EVs, parts or components for EVs and other clean energy sectors.

Illinois expanded REV to include smaller manufacturers, increased the value of the credit for companies locating in underserved communities, and doubled the length of benefits.

Companies interested in learning more about REV benefits can visit

Prysmian is the third recipient of a REV incentive package; details of the agreement can be found here.

In addition to supporting companies looking to expand or transition to electrification and other clean energy sectors, Illinois is also implementing a sweeping workforce development initiative through the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) to ensure the state's workforce is prepared for the jobs of the future. Through CEJA, Illinois has also incentivized Illinoisans to purchase EVs through consumer tax rebates as part of its goal of putting one million EVs on the road by 2030.

About Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is a multinational company headquartered in Milan, specializing in the production of cable and systems for use in the energy and telecom industries. Prysmian is the largest cable producer in the world with 30,000 associates and $16 billion in sales. Prysmian is present in North America with 28 plants, 48 in Europe, 13 in Latin America, 7 in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, and 13 in Asia-Pacific.

Based in Highland Heights, Ky., Prysmian Group North America's operations include 28 manufacturing facilities, eight distribution centers, six R&D centers, and more than 6,000 associates with net sales of $6 billion. Additional information is available at

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