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Executive and Legislative Achievements

Over the last four years, Governor JB Pritzker and members of the General Assembly provided strong leadership in rebuilding Illinois following years of disinvestment and a deadly global pandemic. Together Governor Pritzker, his administration, and the General Assembly have expanded access to health care for the most vulnerable and increased K-12 school funding to record levels. More students are receiving aid at public colleges and universities than ever before, and they are graduating into a more robust and secure economy than Illinois has seen in years. Consistent balanced budgets and bill pay-downs combined with Rainy Day savings and business investments have made Illinois one of the best places in the country to live, work, and raise a family.  

Key Highlights

After years of falling behind, Illinois is stronger today than any time in recent history

  • Enacted balanced budgets every year and received credit upgrades for the first time in two decades, lowering interest rates and improving Illinois’ finances.
  • Paid down state’s bill backlog and eliminated late bill payment, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in interest.
  • Improving state finances, assisting Illinois universities and community colleges in achieving credit rating upgrades.
  • Increased state funding of K-12 education while expanding early childhood education and childcare and awarding more college scholarships to Illinois students.
  • Reformed police and firefighter pension funds to increase assets and reduce the burden on property taxpayers.
  • Made strategic bipartisan investments to modernize roads, bridges, schools and broadband - investing for the future while creating and supporting good jobs now.
  • Banned assault weapons and removed dangerous “ghost guns” from the street, expanded expressway cameras, and invested in the largest trooper class in Illinois State Police history. 
  • Passed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, committing to a sustainable future for Illinois.  
  • Outperformed neighboring states and all the most populous states during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping more people alive and safe while supporting families and small businesses through the pandemic induced recession.

Making Illinois Stronger

See how we have worked across the aisle to accelerate Illinois' economic growth, invest in education, and address climate change. We have taken steps to improve health care quality and affordability, advance public safety, support vulnerable communities, and serve veterans and military families.

Pandemic Leadership & Recovery

Learn more about how we are keeping people safe from the virus, supporting safe education and childcare, protecting jobs, sustaining small businesses, preventing Illinoisans from losing their homes, serving vulnerable communities, and preventing hunger.