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Gov. Pritzker Vetoes Legislation

Press Release - Wednesday, August 16, 2023

SPRINGFIELD - Today, Governor JB Pritzker vetoed the following legislation:

House Bill 3445 - Amendatory Veto
House Bill 3445 is an omnibus energy bill that makes changes to the Adjustable Block Grant program to make it more available to public schools, requires IPA to conduct a study evaluating several policy proposals, amends existing law regarding siting for renewable energy projects, requires the Illinois Commerce Commission to conduct a thermal energy network workshop, and gives incumbent utility providers the right of first refusal over new transmission projects in the MISO region.

The Governor has issued an Amendatory Veto due to the right of first refusal language inserted by Senate Amendment 4 that will raise costs for rate payers by giving incumbent utility providers in the MISO region a monopoly over new transmission lines. Eliminating competition will cause rates to increase in the MISO region, where there is currently over $3.6 billion in planned transmission construction in the Ameren service territory. Without competition, Ameren ratepayers will pay for these transmission projects at a much higher cost, putting corporate profits over consumers.

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