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Gov. Pritzker Issues Statement on Passage of SB1559

Press Release - Thursday, November 09, 2023

Springfield — Governor JB Pritzker issued the following statement concerning the passage of SB1559, the Transporter License Moratorium & Fee Deferral:

"The passage of SB1559 through both chambers of the General Assembly is another step towards guaranteeing Illinois is the home of an equitable legal cannabis system that does not disregard the injustices of the past. The two-year moratorium on new transporter licenses will allow the current, smaller independent transporters to secure contracts and grow their businesses. License holders will also have a two-year holiday from paying annual fees to further aid these small businesses as the industry develops.

Since day one of the fight for legalization, I have stressed that this accomplishment is meaningless without reinvestment and repair for the communities left behind by the war on drugs. Small businesses, whether transporters, growers, or dispensaries, must be able to succeed if we wish to achieve that equity. This bill is another step on the ongoing path towards achieving that goal, and I look forward to reviewing it when it reaches my desk."

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