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Gov. Pritzker Announces Increased Illinois Census Numbers Following State Request for Review

Press Release - Wednesday, January 03, 2024

2020 Census determined to have omitted over 45,000 residents in group homes, residence halls

Chicago—Governor JB Pritzker announced today that the United States Census Bureau has approved the state's request to have nearly 47,000 Illinoisans included in future population estimates. The review, which was requested following findings of inaccurately low counts in certain areas, ensures the state will receive a proportionate share of the $675 billion in annual funds distributed to states each year.

"I'm pleased that the Census Bureau has recognized the undercounting that I and many members of Illinois' Congressional Delegation have worked to remedy since the 2020 census results were first released," said Governor JB Pritzker. "This correction will bring in millions in additional federal funding for crucial programs and help to ensure future counts reflect the true number of Illinois residents. I'm grateful to the NORC at the University of Chicago for their work on this appeal and all who helped make this decision possible."

"The census is about resources and representation. Everyone deserves to be seen and heard and our communities deserve the resources they're due," said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton. "From rural to urban communities, this correction will allow us to expand those services. Thank you to everyone who made this appeal possible."

Following the release of initial census results in 2020, a Census Bureau survey designed to estimate overcount and undercount rates within states revealed that Illinois had in fact gained population in the prior decade contrary to reported population declines. Governor Pritzker, alongside members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation, called repeatedly for the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure that Illinois receives its fair share of federal funding reflective of the updated, accurate numbers that show Illinois is growing. In September of this year, the state requested an official Post-Census Group Quarters Review (PCGQR) to account for inaccuracies in census data, which was granted this week.

The review found that 733 Group Quarters were missed or undercounted in the 2020 Census Group Quarters Operation, along with a corresponding population of 46,400 people. The PCGQR submitted by the state identified 40,512 people residing in group quarter facilities such as care homes or senior living facilities who were missed in initial counts. The state also identified 123 dormitory settings where the population was undercounted for an additional 5,888 people.

Although the 46,400 identified people will not be added Illinois's official 2020 census numbers, the adjustment is crucial for the state as annual population estimates are produced over the next six years before the 2030 census. The updated group quarters population is added to the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program where they will be included in the baseline data used to produce upcoming annual population estimates. Those figures are used when determining the distribution of over $675 billion in state and federal programs. The state will continue to challenge population undercounts and plans to participate in additional opportunities for appeal and review to make further adjustments to the state's count.

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