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Commission on Equity and Inclusion Launches New Training Academy

Press Release - Friday, February 02, 2024

Springfield, IL, February 2, 2024 — The Commission on Equity and Inclusion (CEI) is proud to introduce its new online training academy, now available to State personnel with email credentials. This overarching resource will offer an array of courses designed to enhance knowledge and promote equity and inclusion within the State's procurement landscape.

The inaugural training, titled "CEI's Role in Procurement: A Comprehensive Review," will be hosted on OneNet and is anticipated to revolutionize how State employees engage with essential procurement concepts. By accessing the training here, participants can embark on a journey through the critical facets of CEI's mission, core guiding principles, and responsibilities.

This immersive course delves into relevant statutes, provides historical context, and explores CEI's pivotal role in the state's procurement evolution. The training doesn't stop there - it clarifies the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) and Veterans Business Program (VBP) certification and compliance processes, identifies the supplier diversity responsibilities of the BEP Council, Chief Procurement Officers, agencies, and public institutions of higher education, while also shedding light on the complexities of goal calculations, waivers, and exemptions. CEI's mission is to equip learners with a clear understanding of the procurement ecosystem, cultivating an environment of fairness and inclusivity for all stakeholders.

As the State's foremost authority on promoting supplier diversity and equity, CEI is committed to providing top-tier training resources to Illinois State personnel. This new training academy is a testament to that commitment, offering a flexible and accessible platform to bolster expertise in procurement processes.
"The launch of CEI's Training Academy marks a significant milestone in our mission to promote equity and inclusion in Illinois' procurement landscape," said Alexandria Wilson, the Acting Executive Director of CEI. "We're excited to provide our dedicated State personnel with the tools they need to excel in their roles and contribute to a more inclusive procurement environment."

For more information about CEI's Training Academy and its mission, please visit

About CEI:

CEI is dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion in the State's procurement processes. CEI is vital in promoting supplier diversity, ensuring a level playing field for all businesses, and advancing Illinois' commitment to inclusive economic growth.

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