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Joint Statement from Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois Department of Human Services

Press Release - Friday, August 11, 2023

Director Vohra, Secretary Hou react to Illinois Supreme Court ruling

SPRINGFIELD - Statement from Dr. Sameer Vohra, director of the Illinois Department of Public Health:

"I am pleased that the Illinois Supreme Court has upheld the Protect Illinois Communities Act. Easy access to assault-style weapons has created a clear and present danger for Illinoisans. Gun violence is a significant public health threat in Illinois, and the public deserves the right to be free from the threat of mass shootings. IDPH will continue its efforts to reduce gun violence, through the ongoing distribution of gun locks and other firearms safety initiatives to prevent such tragedies."

Statement from Grace B. Hou, Secretary of the Illinois Department of Human Services:

"Here at IDHS, we are committed to ending cycles of violence in communities that have been disproportionately impacted for generations. The Illinois Supreme Court made the right decision today to uphold an act meant to protect these communities from further harm. I'm thankful for the relentless work of so many advocates, our legislative leaders, Gov. JB Pritzker and his administration, and community outreach and violence prevention workers who have made reducing gun violence a priority in Illinois. IDHS will continue to advance our efforts and investment in public safety through initiatives like the Reimagine Public Safety Act and our Office of Firearm Violence Prevention. By utilizing data to inform where help is most needed, we continue to address both immediate needs and systematic change to reduce gun violence, and most importantly, reach even more communities that have historically been left to fend for themselves."

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